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3 of the Latest Beauty Treatments for Xmas

Beauty therapies are constantly chopping and changing and as the years go by, there are more and more options available to those wanting to hire the services of a beauty salon. If you’re keen to keep on top of the latest beauty treatments you are definitely in luck! We’ve recently heard about 3 new advancements in technologies that have made certain therapies even more enjoyable and here’s a look at each of them.

Breast Sheets

If you’ve ever heard of a face mask, then a breast sheet is much the same; albeit for the chest area. They work in a similar way to face masks, with an advanced formula that goes to work to hydrate and replenish skin cells – but the final result will often be firmer, suppler breast tissue that will make spots and patchy flakes of skin a thing of the past.

Ear Makeup

Now this might sound like people are running out of ideas, but the truth is that ear makeup treatments have been increasing in popularity for just under a decade now. Our ears often suffer with build-ups of oil, wax and sebum and over time, this can leave the pigmentation looking shiny. Makeup for the lobes and cartilage can be a quick solution to perfecting those Instagram selfies.

Ribbon Eye Liner

When a permanent tattoo isn’t quite your cup of tea, nor the permanent makeup alternative; you might stand to benefit from ribbon eye liner instead. This technique is quite advanced and you will need an artistic eye to pull it off properly; or you could bypass this concern by having a professional beauty salon take care of the hard work. It works by introducing a ribbon of colours that wrap around regular eyeliner, providing an eye-catching result.

These are just three particularly appealing treatments that have witnessed an increase in popularity over the past couple of months. We’re certain that 2017 will have even more wild, wacky and effective options for those hoping to stay on top of the latest beauty trends!

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