Custom Printed Hoodies

Are Custom Hoodies a Real Thing?

Every year retail outlets present their customers with a brand new selection of stylish clothing; from tank tops and t-shirts, right through to cardigans and hoodies. Depending on where the apparel is bought from, the prices can vary and in some cases, just one hooded top could set a customer back up to $100. Surely there’s a simpler way to order stylish clothing, without having to cater to the initial expense? With custom hoodies that can be printed from a printing service – the possibilities have never been more achievable.

How do these services work?

It’s pretty straight forward – the printing company sources the hoodies, t-shirts and other general garments and makes them available in blank format. A customer can then visit the printing agencies’ website, decide on a garment and then personalise it in any way that they see fit. This could be with a ready-made design provided by the printer, or with a personally created image made using a piece of design software.

Which printing options are available?

Most companies will clearly define the types of options that they present to their customers; from being able to print in bulk for a reduced fee, right through to stylising hoodies with luminous and neon colours. Most printers will offer blank clothing as well, but that really defeats the object of having a hoody designed and printed to look as exclusive as possible.

If stores can source ready-printed garments from their suppliers, then printing companies could be considered those suppliers. They can make it an option to design and print any type of design or image onto a hoody – and this can make it an option for anyone to showcase their talents, or to purchase a unique gift for a loved one.

How do the printing options work?

In most cases there are two types of printing solutions used – direct to garment printing and screen printing. When it comes to hoodies, the thickness of the material will often mean that the imagery could benefit from D2G printing, in which case prices will be specified on a per-hoody basis, or in bulk.

Printing typically takes place by computer programming, whereby the image will be placed onto the proportions of the hooded top in virtual format. This will then tell the machine where to place the design and once finalised, the printer will take care of the rest. The good thing about hooded garments, or the material used in their composition specifically, is that the ink will usually dry in a matter of seconds – making direct to garment printing ideal for printing details, or making sure that the resolution is as high as possible.